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Glossary of Thermography Terms

  • arey shades or colour hues correspond respectively to target exitance. Usually does not have any measurement capability.

    Image Processing, Thermal

    Analysis of thermal images, usually by computer; enhancing the image to prepare it for computer or visual analysis. In the case of an infrared image or thermogram, this could include temperature scaling, spot temperature measurements, thermal profiles, image manipulation, subtraction and storage.

    Imaging Radiometer

    An infrared thermal imager that provides quantitative thermal images.

    Indium Antimonide (InSb)

    A material from which fast, sensitive photo- detectors used in infrared scanners and imagers are made. Such detectors require cooling while in operation.


    (IR) The infrared spectrum is loosely defined as that portion of the electromagnetic continuum extending from the red visible (0.75µm) to about 1,000µm.

    Infrared Radiation Thermometer

    An instrument that converts incoming infrared radiant energy from a spot on a target surface to a measurement value that can be related to the temperature of that spot.

    Infrared Thermal Imager

    See Imager, infrared

    Instantaneous Field of View (IFOV)

    The angular subtense found by the ratio of the detector dimension divided by the instrument focal length; the projection of the detector at the target plane. In a radiation thermometer this defines the target spot size; in a line scanner or imager it represents one resolution element in a scan line or a thermogram and is one measure of spatial resolution. Also see SRF.


    A pattern superimposed on a thermogram or on a line scan that includes or highlights all points that have the same apparent temperature or exitant radiation.

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